5 Benefits of Digital Signature To Your Business

When you hear the word “digital signature”, what’s the first thought that instantly flashes into your mind?

Some of you will think of it as a quick, cost-saving and hassle-free signing option.

While these are some of the obvious benefits, there are some other lesser-known advantages and we’ve listed them down for you.

Benefits Of Digital Signatures For Your Business

  • Security

In reality, digital signatures are far more secure than traditional wet ink signatures. The DSA 1997 ensures the security of legal issues related to electronic transactions and verifies the use of digital signatures through certificates issued by licensed Certification Authority (CA). 

  • Timestamping

The date & time of the digital signature will be recorded as timestamps. This is crucial when it comes to deals like stock trades, lottery ticket issuance and legal proceedings.

  • Legally Compliant

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology adheres to standards that ensure vendor-generated keys are made and securely stored. Due to international standards, a growing number of countries are accepting digital signatures as legally binding.

  • Environmentally-friendly

Imagine signing documents in digital copies instead of paper. It goes without saying that you’d be doing a great service to the environment when you reduce paper waste drastically.

  • Traceability

Digital signatures leave an audit trail that makes record-keeping easier for businesses. With everything recorded and stored digitally, there’s less room for a manual signer or record-keeper to make mistakes.

It’s no longer a secret that there are many advantages when you use digital signatures in your business. 

So which of the benefits do you think are important to your business and why?

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