Make Signing Easier and More Secure

Automate your workflow, improve efficiency and boost client satisfaction with secure e-signing solutions

Financial Services

Enhance the speed of the financial process without compromising security or adhering to legal requirements with safe digital signing.

Real Estate

Close deals in real-time by allowing clients to receive and sign contracts, leases, booking forms, and other documents almost instantly using electronic signatures.


Eliminate the need for old-fashioned authorising, printing, faxing, mailing or scanning and speed up the claims review and approval in time-sensitive situations


A hassle-free approach to managing long-winded administrative processes, student forms, staff’s paperwork and more.

Company Secretaries

With SigningCloud, companies are able to maintain and uphold its stakeholders' confidence thanks to its simple, yet effective digital signing solutions


Change the way government ministries and agencies work by deploying SigningCloud's strategic tools to better manage and processes documents


Aiding healthcare sectors with a simplified documentation process. Update records, get forms filled-out and store sensitive information securely.


A slight delay can be detrimental when it comes to legal documents. Securely prepare, send, sign, and store engagement letters, contracts, and agreements with SigningCloud


Replace the traditional ways of handling physical paperwork with more tech-savvy solutions for a more efficient workflow, using only advanced e-signature technology from SigningCloud

Accounting & Finances

Eliminate your reliance on tedious paper trails, form fillings, reports and traditional wet-ink signatures.

Human Resources

Cultivate a more productive organisational culture and a safer working environment with SigningCloud's e-signing solutions.


Manage complex and confidential documents with ease and efficiency.

Purchasing / Procurement

Manage procurement processes more effectively and safely by spending less time and manpower reviewing and signing documents


Boost your revenue, close deals faster and secure your prospects with ease thanks to safe and trusted online signing solutions.

A Secure way of digitalising Financial Services

Integrate your financial tools, applications, and software with secure e-signing solutions


Eliminate Paper, Eliminate Hassle

Workflow processes are a lot quicker when there’s no paperwork.

Thanks to our safe digital signing, you can hasten the complex and lengthy process without compromising on security whilst adhering to legal and compliance requirements.

Enhanced Customer Experience

With secure online signing using widely trusted eKYC practices, conventional wet ink signatures can be replaced with e-signing – increasing customer satisfaction and reinforcing their trust in your services

SigningCloud improves your workflow

A Fully Digitised Workflow

To participate in this digital transformation initiative, safe digital signatures can be used for legally binding authorisations.

This will allow for a more efficient and smooth flow of information between employees, businesses, investors and consumers.

Integrated with your favourite apps

Easy setup to sync signed documents to business document management account – desktop or mobile

SigningCloud's advanced security features, like two-factor authentication and encryption, make it a top choice for anyone who values privacy and security.

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